Hello Park County,

In the recent weeks of meeting and chatting with people, the same questions pop up. What is your platform? What do you base your policies on? Why should I vote for you? These are all great questions.

Not everyone is familiar with the Libertarian platform, and you might be surprised to find that the answers to many of these questions are quite conservative in nature and align perfectly with Republican views and values.

Small Government

I believe in a small, limited government. The government should have no say in our personal, business or family lives, so long as we are not harming another. All my decisions and views derive from this statement. When looking at any ordinance or regulation I must ask myself “does this provide more or less freedom”? And if the answer is not “more freedom” than it is time to look for a better solution. We as citizens know best how to live our lives and should be able to do so without outside interference. As Commissioner, I would make sure to reduce the scope and reach of government to do only what it must, and I would aggressively fight any overreach.

Property Rights

Your property rights are the basis from which all other rights flow. Whether it be land, personal property, or your own body. You should be able to do what you will with your property so long as it does not harm another. And the government should never be able to use force to require otherwise. As Commissioner I would uphold these rights and eliminate regulations and ordinances that restrict your ability to enjoy your property as you see fit.

2nd Amendment

Every American has the right to bear arms. Period. I strongly support your second amendment rights and will oppose any attempts to limit or deny them.

Freedom of Religion

Every American has the right to exercise their religion where, when and how they please, free of government interference, so long as they do not harm another. This is a fundamental right which I will always support and defend.


As commissioner, I will look for every opportunity to cut waste and lower taxes. Taxes are a burden on all of us, no matter how much or little you make. The government should not be able to use force to take our hard-earned dollars, and I will reduce taxes wherever and whenever I can while still ensuring that we retain important community services.

These are but a few of the stances that I believe, and that will guide my decisions should I become Commissioner. In the coming election, I ask you to look at these issues that are important to all of us and ask yourself: Does the current Commissioner uphold these values? Do his actions match his words? Has he supported raising taxes? Has he supported restricting your property rights? And at the end of the day, has he been honest with you?

You have a choice in November, and that choice is more than just a political party. It is about values, it is about honesty, it is about integrity. Anyone can talk the talk. It is time for someone that walks the walk.

I encourage you to reach out to me with any questions you may have, or just to chat about your goals and aspirations for our wonderful County.


As always, trying to do what’s best for #AllofPark


-Richie Frangiosa