Hello Park County,

Ahh, the CDOT plans for 285. The saga continues.

CDOT has broken their promises repeatedly during this process. The extra meeting for community feedback? Never happened. Answering the questions online from the zoom meeting? Nope. Respond to community input? Not a chance.

CDOT has shown (and flat out said) that they simply don’t care about the impact on our community. And the County Commissioners seem to be OK with that. Fortunately, the citizens of Park County are not willing to just accept this injustice.

A group of local residents and business owners has formed a group called “Safe285”. You can find their website here (http://www.safe285.com/). I strongly encourage anyone who is concerned about this issue to visit the site and sign up for updates. While I have no stake in this group, I am offering my help and support to them as I believe in their mission. I hope you will get involved as well.

As always, just trying to do what’s best for #AllofPark


-Richie Frangiosa