A few years ago, before I had even thought about running for Commissioner, I decided that I wanted to give back to my community on a County level. At the time, there were multiple open seats on the Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment. I had to search for this, as the county website does not seem to list open positions, nor does it actively advertise them. You need to go through multiple sub-sites on the county website to find out that a board has open positions, and once you find them there is no way to express your interest or apply for them. So I emailed the County.

And I waited.

Then I waited some more.

I never did receive a response.

A few weeks later I ran into Richard Elsner at a Chamber of Commerce meeting. I told him that I was interested in applying for a board position, and that I had received no response. He gave me his card, and told me to email/call him directly, and he would see that I received a response. So I sent him an email. I also left him 2 voicemails.

To this day I have not received a call back from him. That is when I decided to run for County Commissioner.

This County’s most important resource is it’s people. Not our taxes, nor our services. It is our people. We have hundreds of people that are ready and willing to give up their time and skills to help this County, and yet we do next to nothing to facilitate that help. This needs to change. Elected office is not about serving oneself. It is about serving the people of Park County, and one of the best ways to serve them is to keep them involved and contributing.

If I am elected, I make the following promises to Park County:

  • Revise the County Website to put all open positions front and center on the homepage, and provide a simple and accessible process for residents to apply to serve
  • Update the County Facebook page with more than just links to agendas, and actively seek out candidates for open positions
  • Maintain a dedicated Commissioner Facebook page where residents can ask questions of the Commissioners in a public forum and receive public, on record responses
  • Advocate for the BOCC Work sessions to be recorded, and post these recordings (along with BOCC Meetings) on both the County Website and Facebook page

As residents of Park County, we should not have to search through dozens of pages online to find out how we can help. And as Commissioner, I will do everything I can to make that process easier for our residents, and to hold myself and other elected officials accountable through easily accessed recordings.

As always, trying to do what’s best for #AllofPark


-Richie Frangiosa