Hello Park County,

These are exciting times! Ballots are out, and we have the opportunity to make our voices heard. I’m sure most of you have your minds made up by now, but I wanted to take a moment to reach out to those that may be on the fence.

You may have recently received a mailer from my opponent Mr. Elsner. In this mailer Mr. Elsner self-authors a list of his accomplishments, and touches on a few of the issues that we disagree on. These stances are rooted in truth, though his explanation of them is misleading at best. However, that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

What caught my eye was a photo he included. It is him showing a goat at the Park County Fair in the Celebrity Goat Show. It’s a great photo, super cute. And I was there when it was taken.

I attend the Fair every year, and our family was fortunate enough to win the Grand Champion Lamb 2 years running. I watched the Celebrity Goat Show and had a great time. I don’t recall if Mr. Elsner came in last or just in the bottom of the judging, but what I do remember is him being asked why he placed so low. His answer? “They gave me the worst goat”.

His answer was in jest, but it got me to thinking about how that answer is indicative of his answer to most questions posed to him regarding County governance. How could something possibly be his failing when they gave him the worst goat?

On a recent Facebook post, Mr. Elsner was asked what he considered to be his biggest failures in his 4 years as Commissioner.  His answer? “I would not look at these as failures but rather as unfinished business.”

Let that sink in.

We have a commissioner who is unable to recognize where he has failed. We have a commissioner who is unable to self-reflect and improve. We have a commissioner who will always blame the goat.

Park County needs accountability and transparency. Park County needs honest and open Government. And above all, Park County needs public officials that are willing to recognize how they impact our residents, and how they can improve. We all fail. Some of us just refuse to admit it.

It’s time to stop blaming the goat.


As always, trying to do what’s best for #AllofPark,

-Richie Frangiosa